Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre | Museum Training

Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre | Museum Training

Preparation of Management and Facilitator teams for a new world-class museum district.

Located in Kuwait on a 13 hectare site, the Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre (SAASCC) is one of the largest cultural and science projects in the world. SAASCC consists of four museums, a fine art gallery and theatre, it will form part of a new, prestigious cultural offer in Kuwait. The complex’s staff will be key to establishing its reputation and securing its ongoing success.

We were selected to deliver three modules of training to staff at the cultural centre over a three week period to help them prepare for its opening.

The first module, Management and Staff Functions aimed to shape staff into functioning teams with a shared sense of purpose and knowledge. They considered leading management theories, reflected on the difference between leadership and management, their personal behaviours and roles within a team, and how as a centre-wide team they can exceed visitor expectations.

The second module focused on Dialogue and Facilitation Skills. The training saw Facilitators explore how they can make visitors’ experience at SAASCC extraordinary and meaningful. Mixing theory with group activities and interactive discussions, the group developed to understand the different needs and motives of visitors and equipped them with the skills to bring the stories and objects to life for everyone.

The final module championed Presentation Skills allowed Facilitators to build from previous modules, putting their facilitation skills into practice, developing their presentation style and growing in confidence to lead tours around the museums.