KSA Pavilion for World Expo 2017 | Design, Development and Operation

KSA Pavilion for World Expo 2017 | Design, Development and Operation


We designed, developed and operated the Saudi Pavilion for the World Expo 2017 in Astana, Kazakhstan.

Expo 2017 was themed around  Future Energy and we worked to showcase Saudi Arabia’s role and commitment to shaping future energies in the Pavilion through creative design and content. We were responsible for the design of the Pavilion and worked with Hypsos to realise its construction and installation.

Visitors to the Pavilion were immersed in the Saudi’s rich cultural heritage and were taken on a journey towards its bright energy future.

Through stunning aerial footage, visitors were transported to contemporary Saudi Arabia. The immersive film surrounded visitors and projects – a visual spectacle that showcased the diversity and vibrancy of the Kingdom. Projected onto a 7m high wall with 27 angled surfaces, the film highlights Saudi Arabia’s many and varied landscapes, technologies and value of its main resource; the people of Saudi Arabia and their role in shaping the country’s future. Visitors were able to try on Saudi traditional dress for themselves inside the Pavilion and experience another side to the country’s culture.

We recruited and trained the Guides for the Pavilion in Kazakhstan. Throughout the three months long Expo we operationally managed the Pavilion, working with a team of 40 Kazakh Guides who exemplified the spirit and hospitality of Saudi Arabia. The Saudi Pavilion continued to be one of the top five most visited pavilions and welcomed an astonishing 742,000 visitors over the course of the event.

All images are courtesy of Hypsos.