Etihad Museum Dubai | Staff Training

Etihad Museum Dubai | Staff Training

Set on the site once known as Union House, The Etihad Museum tells the story of the United Arab Emirates Founding Fathers and the nation’s journey to shaping a bright future.

We were selected by Dubai Culture & Arts Authority to prepare the Etihad Museum team for the opening to the public. With the senior management team, we shared our experiences of operating national museums and helped identify challenges in daily operations and in opening a new destination.

We provided an intensive training program for the visitor services team which fully orientated each member of staff to their role. Training mixed theory with interactive discussions and group activities, creating an engaging experience that was memorable and effective for the team. Modules included learning theory, disability awareness, health and safety, facilitating difficult visitors, working with children and presentation skills.

As the public face of the Museum, the team’s performance is critical to its ongoing success. We continue to mentor the team, guiding them to deliver an exceptional visitor experience for the Etihad Museum’s guests set a new benchmark for visitor services in the region.

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