Louvre Abu Dhabi | Cultural Interpretation Services

Louvre Abu Dhabi | Cultural Interpretation Services

For the opening of Louvre Abu Dhabi in November 2017, we recruited and trained 30 cultural guides to host and convey the stories told in this groundbreaking museum daily to schools, families and the public.

Our team were selected to handpick, prepare and develop a team of Mediators charged with delivering an extensive portfolio of educational activities. Building on our extensive experience of building audience-facing teams, we completed full recruitment and training services in just 12 weeks.

The Mediators are the face of the Louvre and embody the United Arab Emirates’ commitment to a flourishing arts and cultural sector. It was therefore critical to find the best possible candidates, blending both a background in art history and advanced communication skills.

Our recruitment scope included developing full role descriptions, a multi-platform recruitment drive focused on art-history practitioners, and activity-based group interviews designed to test the skills required for such a prestigious role. We sifted over 500 applications, with 117 candidates invited to interview. From this process, we selected a talented pool of 30 Mediators from Abu Dhabi, the wider UAE and from across the world.

The comprehensive training program was developed in close collaboration with the Turner Contemporary and the Louvre experts based in Paris and Abu Dhabi, including Jean Francois Charnier, Scientific Director of Agence France-Muséums. Training delivery was a partnership between the Louvre and our experienced team who have trained at cultural institutions worldwide.

Training contents included:

  • Theories of museology, art history and learning in museums
  • Detailed knowledge building of the Museum’s development, iconic architecture and the artworks on display
  • Techniques to facilitate engagement with the Museum’s content, incorporating presentation skills, visitor management and overcoming barriers to learning.

At the Louvre Abu Dhabi opening events, our talented Mediators delivered tours to VIPs from around the world and received much praise from these significant individuals from iconic cultural organizations. We continue to mentor the Mediators as the Louvre Abu Dhabi shares its Universal message.