Kazakhstan Pavilion

Kazakhstan Pavilion

The new capital of Kazakhstan, Astana, will host a Future Energy themed EXPO in summer 2017 and is expected to attract two million visitors.

EXPO 2017 will place Kazakhstan on a world stage and showcase its new city, landmark buildings and desire to host a global dialogue on societies driving a sustainable future.

We have the task of developing the Kazakhstan Pavilion. This Pavillion aims to epitomize the importance being placed on innovation and enterprise to help create prosperity and a sustainable future for the country. With this in mind, the Pavilion will not focus on the country’s past achievements, but on its main resource: its people and their potential to build a 21st century nation in a knowledge based world.

The primary means of communication throughout the experience will be through emotion, instinct and visceral encounters. They are drawn from a broad range of techniques and media including immersive environments, physical rides, theatrical presentations, interactive technologies, informal and relaxing environments to help visitors contemplate and re-energize.

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