Lema? Festival and School Science Shows | Outreach Program

Bringing science to life and inspiring students with high-energy science shows for the Lema? outreach programme in Abu Dhabi.

The Abu Dhabi Education Council’s Lema? program is an outreach initiative that interprets science, technology, engineering and math into fun and interactive workshops and shows. We have developed two high-energy shows, and trained local teams in Abu Dhabi to deliver exceptional performances in schools and festivals.

We first worked with the Lema? program in 2016 to develop Prepare for Take Off, an aviation-themed science show. The show is a theatrical spectacle that takes audiences on an immersive journey through the world of flight. The show was debuted at the Abu Dhabi Science Festival and performed as a dual language show in Arabic and English.

Following the success of Prepare for Take Off, we were commissioned to develop and produce a new science show themed around energy innovation and our future energy needs for Lema? The show, Energy Futures, was launched at the 2017 Abu Dhabi Science Festival and was seen by over 8,500 students in the first six weeks of its school tour.

Audience interaction, comedy and large-scale explosive demonstrations are hallmarks of both shows, providing memorable anchor points for audiences and bringing ideas, scientific principles and examples of innovation to life.


Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre | Museum Training

Preparation of Management and Facilitator teams for a new world-class museum district.

Located in Kuwait on a 13 hectare site, the Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre (SAASCC) is one of the largest cultural and science projects in the world. SAASCC consists of four museums, a fine art gallery and theatre, it will form part of a new, prestigious cultural offer in Kuwait. The complex’s staff will be key to establishing its reputation and securing its ongoing success.

We were selected to deliver three modules of training to staff at the cultural centre over a three week period to help them prepare for its opening.

The first module, Management and Staff Functions aimed to shape staff into functioning teams with a shared sense of purpose and knowledge. They considered leading management theories, reflected on the difference between leadership and management, their personal behaviours and roles within a team, and how as a centre-wide team they can exceed visitor expectations.

The second module focused on Dialogue and Facilitation Skills. The training saw Facilitators explore how they can make visitors’ experience at SAASCC extraordinary and meaningful. Mixing theory with group activities and interactive discussions, the group developed to understand the different needs and motives of visitors and equipped them with the skills to bring the stories and objects to life for everyone.

The final module championed Presentation Skills allowed Facilitators to build from previous modules, putting their facilitation skills into practice, developing their presentation style and growing in confidence to lead tours around the museums.


Louvre Abu Dhabi | Cultural Interpretation Services

For the opening of Louvre Abu Dhabi in November 2017, we recruited and trained 30 cultural guides to host and convey the stories told in this groundbreaking museum daily to schools, families and the public.

Our team were selected to handpick, prepare and develop a team of Mediators charged with delivering an extensive portfolio of educational activities. Building on our extensive experience of building audience-facing teams, we completed full recruitment and training services in just 12 weeks.

The Mediators are the face of the Louvre and embody the United Arab Emirates’ commitment to a flourishing arts and cultural sector. It was therefore critical to find the best possible candidates, blending both a background in art history and advanced communication skills.

Our recruitment scope included developing full role descriptions, a multi-platform recruitment drive focused on art-history practitioners, and activity-based group interviews designed to test the skills required for such a prestigious role. We sifted over 500 applications, with 117 candidates invited to interview. From this process, we selected a talented pool of 30 Mediators from Abu Dhabi, the wider UAE and from across the world.

The comprehensive training program was developed in close collaboration with the Turner Contemporary and the Louvre experts based in Paris and Abu Dhabi, including Jean Francois Charnier, Scientific Director of Agence France-Muséums. Training delivery was a partnership between the Louvre and our experienced team who have trained at cultural institutions worldwide.

Training contents included:

  • Theories of museology, art history and learning in museums
  • Detailed knowledge building of the Museum’s development, iconic architecture and the artworks on display
  • Techniques to facilitate engagement with the Museum’s content, incorporating presentation skills, visitor management and overcoming barriers to learning.

At the Louvre Abu Dhabi opening events, our talented Mediators delivered tours to VIPs from around the world and received much praise from these significant individuals from iconic cultural organizations. We continue to mentor the Mediators as the Louvre Abu Dhabi shares its Universal message.


Emirates Foundation | Think Science Fair 2017


The Think Science Fair is a three-day event in the heart of Dubai, providing an opportunity for students to engage with industry professionals, present their own research projects, learn about cutting-edge research, and be inspired by science shows and presentations.

Following the success of our 2016 show, we were invited back by the Emirates Foundation, who organise the Fair, to develop and deliver a new action-packed science show. Our show for 2017 looked at the science of everyday phenomena and aimed to inspire students to pursue a career in STEM based subjects through audience participation, theatrical spectacle and some custard-based explosive demonstrations!

This year we also developed a series of science busking activities that were delivered at special stations around the fair. We worked with a group of young Emirati Think Science Ambassadors before the event, training them to perform the demonstrations and developing their presentation skills and confidence in engaging the public.

Feedback from the ambassadors showed they really enjoyed our training and the experience as a whole. They described training as “supportive” and particularly valued learning “how to effectively engage audiences”, “remain calm should an experiment not initially work”, and develop their “confidence” and “self-reliance”.

They all recommended the experience of being ambassadors and delivering science busking activities, with one saying, “It was a great experience. I learned what I could not learn in school.”


KSA Pavilion for World Expo 2017 | Design, Development and Operation


We designed, developed and operated the Saudi Pavilion for the World Expo 2017 in Astana, Kazakhstan.

Expo 2017 was themed around  Future Energy and we worked to showcase Saudi Arabia’s role and commitment to shaping future energies in the Pavilion through creative design and content. We were responsible for the design of the Pavilion and worked with Hypsos to realise its construction and installation.

Visitors to the Pavilion were immersed in the Saudi’s rich cultural heritage and were taken on a journey towards its bright energy future.

Through stunning aerial footage, visitors were transported to contemporary Saudi Arabia. The immersive film surrounded visitors and projects – a visual spectacle that showcased the diversity and vibrancy of the Kingdom. Projected onto a 7m high wall with 27 angled surfaces, the film highlights Saudi Arabia’s many and varied landscapes, technologies and value of its main resource; the people of Saudi Arabia and their role in shaping the country’s future. Visitors were able to try on Saudi traditional dress for themselves inside the Pavilion and experience another side to the country’s culture.

We recruited and trained the Guides for the Pavilion in Kazakhstan. Throughout the three months long Expo we operationally managed the Pavilion, working with a team of 40 Kazakh Guides who exemplified the spirit and hospitality of Saudi Arabia. The Saudi Pavilion continued to be one of the top five most visited pavilions and welcomed an astonishing 742,000 visitors over the course of the event.

All images are courtesy of Hypsos. 


Etihad Museum Dubai | Staff Training

Set on the site once known as Union House, The Etihad Museum tells the story of the United Arab Emirates Founding Fathers and the nation’s journey to shaping a bright future.

We were selected by Dubai Culture & Arts Authority to prepare the Etihad Museum team for the opening to the public. With the senior management team, we shared our experiences of operating national museums and helped identify challenges in daily operations and in opening a new destination.

We provided an intensive training program for the visitor services team which fully orientated each member of staff to their role. Training mixed theory with interactive discussions and group activities, creating an engaging experience that was memorable and effective for the team. Modules included learning theory, disability awareness, health and safety, facilitating difficult visitors, working with children and presentation skills.

As the public face of the Museum, the team’s performance is critical to its ongoing success. We continue to mentor the team, guiding them to deliver an exceptional visitor experience for the Etihad Museum’s guests set a new benchmark for visitor services in the region.

Find out more about the Family and School Resources we developed for the Etihad Museum.


The Tinkering Studio

We worked with the iconic Exploratorium in San Francisco to bring the Tinkering Studio to the Middle East as a touring experience.

The Tinkering Studio is a moving workshop for playful invention. Audiences are invited to become deeply engaged in an investigation of scientific phenomena, and make something that represents their ideas.

We have toured and operated The Tinkering Studio across Saudi Arabia, installing this maker space at festivals and science centers. We continue to tour and deliver operation and activities training, helping to inspire budding inventors across the Middle East.

The Tinkering Studio


Mishkat Interactive Center

Under the auspices of the King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy (K.A.CARE), Mishkat is dedicated to inspiring a new generation of Saudi Arabian innovators.

Through world-class exhibitions and programs, Mishkat equips young people with the knowledge, skills and motivation to help secure a bright energy future for our changing world.

To date, more than 90,000 children have visited the ground-breaking center in the heart of Riyadh, and many more have been reached through its travelling exhibitions and outreach programs.

Our team led the design, content and operational planning for this world-class initiative. We continue to lead an ever-developing team to deliver a transformational visitor experience, and work in partnership with international experts, local audiences and the scientific community to make learning an engaging and enjoyable experience for all.

The Making Of Mishkat – قصة معرض مشكاة التفاعلي