Prepare for Take-Off takes flight

Our aviation-themed show for lema?, an Abu Dhabi Education Council outreach program, is launched at the Abu Dhabi Science Festival.

For the past few month’s we’ve been developing Prepare for Take-Off, an aviation themed science show for the Abu Dhabi Education Council’s ‘lema?’ schools outreach program.


Prepare for Take-Off was performed to its first audiences this week at the Abu Dhabi Science Festival, a 9-day event in the heart of Abu Dhabi. The dual-language and -presenter show has gone down very well with audiences, with people of all ages enjoying the show’s comedy and live demonstrations of flight phenomena.

We’ve been training the show’s presenters over the past weeks,helping them develop into confident performers who are able to effectively manage the challenges that a live-science show can bring.

The presenters have become a tight-knit team in this time, resulting in an entertaining on-stage dynamic between the presenters that really brings the show to life. This presenter-led energy is infectious and audiences have been swept up in the show, eager to call out answers, repeat key phrases and enthusiastic to volunteer

After the festival finishes the show will become part of the regular school outreach program offered by lema?


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