Opening the doors to the Etihad Museum

Over the weekend the Etihad Museum opened its doors to the public for the first time. Initiated as a project four years ago, the Museum commemorates the union of the United Arab Emirates.

Located on the site of the historic Union House where the union agreement was first signed in 1971, the Museum tells stories about the day of the union, the events leading to it and achievements of the country since.

The Museum’s opening has been noted in press around the world. The Times UK described the building’s architecture as “futuristic and impressive” and the UAE’s The National interviewed many of the Museum’s first visitors: a 27 year old Emirati telling them, “We take it for granted how the UAE is the way it is today, so this museum helped me to see how much work and history there was behind the formation of the nation.

TimeOut Dubai called the Museum “amazing” and noted some of the attractions on offer: “an interactive pre-union panoramic map, a section on the founding rulers of the UAE a gallery of old photos and historic artefacts, a library with 300 titles, temporary exhibits, seminars and plenty more.”

Speaking at the first Cabinet meeting of 2017 in Union House, Sheikh Mohammed expressed pride in the Museum, saying “Four years ago in this place, we issued directives to commemorate the union and its makers. Today, we have a reliable historical reference.” He called upon ministers and the public to visit the site, emphasising the importance of schools students visiting the Museum “to learn about the journey of the founding fathers and the creation of the UAE.”


Image taken from the Khaleej Times 


Training at the Etihad Museum

Over the past couple of months we’ve been working with the Etihad Museum in Dubai to deliver training for their senior management and visitor services teams. The new museum tells the story of the unification of the UAE in 1971, the road leading to it and progress the country has made since.

The training program saw several members of our London and Saudi teams travel to Dubai and work with the staff of this landmark destination.

A member of the visitor services team described the training, saying:

“It was one of a kind. In a way it was like the globe, because it contained everything we need from start to finish”

The Museum opens to the public on January 7th.

Read our blog for more information about the Museum.


Prepare for Take-Off takes flight

Our aviation-themed show for lema?, an Abu Dhabi Education Council outreach program, is launched at the Abu Dhabi Science Festival.

For the past few month’s we’ve been developing Prepare for Take-Off, an aviation themed science show for the Abu Dhabi Education Council’s ‘lema?’ schools outreach program.


Prepare for Take-Off was performed to its first audiences this week at the Abu Dhabi Science Festival, a 9-day event in the heart of Abu Dhabi. The dual-language and -presenter show has gone down very well with audiences, with people of all ages enjoying the show’s comedy and live demonstrations of flight phenomena.

We’ve been training the show’s presenters over the past weeks,helping them develop into confident performers who are able to effectively manage the challenges that a live-science show can bring.

The presenters have become a tight-knit team in this time, resulting in an entertaining on-stage dynamic between the presenters that really brings the show to life. This presenter-led energy is infectious and audiences have been swept up in the show, eager to call out answers, repeat key phrases and enthusiastic to volunteer

After the festival finishes the show will become part of the regular school outreach program offered by lema?



Prepare for Take-Off prepares for take-off

Last week Gaetan and Abdulaziz travelled to Abu Dhabi to pilot our new aviation-themed show, Prepare for Take-Off, for the Lema? program.

Prepare for Take-Off features high energy demonstrations and will be presented as a dual-language show in Arabic and English.

During their trip, Gaetan and Abdulaziz took the show a School in Abu Dhabi and performed it to students in grades 5 and 6. The show and was well received, with students particularly enjoying its physical comedy.

Gaetan said, “It was really beneficial to test the show with real audiences.It really helps us in putting the final touches to the show. Both of us are really looking forward to unveiling and training the presenters for the show fully in a few weeks’ time.”

Prepare for Take-Off will be fully unveiled at the Abu Dhabi Science Festival this November.










Helping students in Abu Dhabi ‘Prepare for Take-Off’

We’re excited to announce that we have developed ‘Prepare for take-off’, a new 45-minute aviation themed show, for the lema? programme in Abu Dhabi.

Lema? (meaning why in Arabic) is a highly commended schools program run by the Abu Dhabi Technology and Science Committee. The program engages students in grade 3 and above with STEM subjects through fun and exciting interactive workshops and shows.

‘Prepare for take-off’ is a theatrical spectacle which takes the audience on an immersive journey through the world of flight. Using high energy demonstrations, the show covers the principles of flight, forces and pressure, and modern aircraft to inspire its young audience to consider a career in the aviation industry.

The show will be unveiled to audiences at the Abu Dhabi Science Festival in November.


Maintaining the exhibits at King Salman Science Oasis

We are delighted to announce our team is now part of the King Salman Science Oasis (KSSO) story, having been awarded the role of facilitating the Exhibit Technology operational maintenance.

The King Salman Science Oasis Exhibit is an independently financed project supervised by Al Riyadh Development Authority. The aim behind the project is to support public education and dissemination of scientific culture in Saudi Arabian society. Our commission builds on our expertise in developing and operating hubs for learning and engagement in the region, including the award-winning Mishkat in Riyadh and the soon to be open Energy Exhibit in Al Khobar.


Joe Martin talks creating learning experiences for children at GEM London

Our Interactive Exhibits lead Joe presented to museum and heritage leaders at the event ‘Museums at Play: How to create collections-inspired interactive play zones and exhibitions for children’, set in the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, London. 

The speakers shared their top tips for developing playful, immersive experiences for children that use play as a tool to encourage children to explore, interpret and make connections to museum collections. Presentations were followed by a special opportunity to explore Ahoy!, National Maritime museum’s gallery for under 8’s designed by our London-based team.


Families flock to Dirayah at Mishkat Interactive Center, Riyadh

Following the phenomenal success of Noor, Mishkat has launched their second major festival Dirayah. Dirayah is part of their new Lates program, where Mishkat’s doors will remain open after school hours for friends and families to enjoy. 

Through a series of fun and exciting activities, hands-on workshops and shows, the festival aims to shed light on the science behind the everyday, and to encourage it’s visitors to be curious and ask questions, in order to discover more about the world around them.

Dirayah will run till the 4th of July. Tickets are free but booking is still required. So if you are in Riyadh, come and be part of science in action! 

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