Ahoy! National Maritime Museum

Ahoy! National Maritime Museum

An imaginative under 7s gallery at the National Maritime Museum inspired by the museum’s rich collections.

When we were commissioned, one of the Museum’s principle aims was to create an experience that would encourage young people to explore the rest of the Museum. Inspired by the Museum’s rich collections, AHOY! is designed to fire children’s imaginations. Be it fishing from the end of the pier, stoking the boiler on a steam ship or captaining a pirate ship, the gallery gives children an opportunity to discover the museum collection through imaginative play.

We led the design throughout the project from concept through to detail, creating a gallery that was for children without being childish. Activities and exhibits within this environment are developed especially for young audiences, encouraging children to learn through play and shared discovery. To guide development, our team worked closely with early years experts and the Museum’s evaluation team to ensure that the experience was intuitive, engaging and accessible.

The result is a unique, surprising experience with a real spirit of adventure, offering multiple opportunities for exploration, discovery, learning and play.


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