Opening the doors to the Etihad Museum

Over the weekend the Etihad Museum opened its doors to the public for the first time. Initiated as a project four years ago, the Museum commemorates the union of the United Arab Emirates.

Located on the site of the historic Union House where the union agreement was first signed in 1971, the Museum tells stories about the day of the union, the events leading to it and achievements of the country since.

The Museum’s opening has been noted in press around the world. The Times UK described the building’s architecture as “futuristic and impressive” and the UAE’s The National interviewed many of the Museum’s first visitors: a 27 year old Emirati telling them, “We take it for granted how the UAE is the way it is today, so this museum helped me to see how much work and history there was behind the formation of the nation.

TimeOut Dubai called the Museum “amazing” and noted some of the attractions on offer: “an interactive pre-union panoramic map, a section on the founding rulers of the UAE a gallery of old photos and historic artefacts, a library with 300 titles, temporary exhibits, seminars and plenty more.”

Speaking at the first Cabinet meeting of 2017 in Union House, Sheikh Mohammed expressed pride in the Museum, saying “Four years ago in this place, we issued directives to commemorate the union and its makers. Today, we have a reliable historical reference.” He called upon ministers and the public to visit the site, emphasising the importance of schools students visiting the Museum “to learn about the journey of the founding fathers and the creation of the UAE.”


Image taken from the Khaleej Times 

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